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Our Males



Canadian Kennel Club registered with Grand Champion bloodlines in on the sire side of his pedigree! The rest of his pedigree is also littered with Champion show winners!

Logan has a powerful build, perfectly curled tail and magnificent broad shoulders! He guards against strangers but has the personality of a playful teddy bear with his family.

Max - for SALE

Canadian Kennel Club registered with Champion bloodlines on both sire and dam sides of his pedigree!

Max has a beautiful, extra furry tail which he inherited from his mother who was actually a long-haired Akita! He is tall, with strong bones and a stunning coat. It is absolutely fantastic watching him run and jump because he does it with such grace and flare!



Our Females


Canadian Kennel Club registered with a champion winner on her dam's side of the pedigree!

Mika has strong broad shoulders and a colorful coat. She has an especially strong endearing trait of "talking" with us. She will hold her head high and guard her family against anything but is gentle and loving when she is with us.


Canadian Kennel Club Registered - with Grand Champion Bloodlines

We love all our animals at Felix Amicas Kennel, but Plum is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. She has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her dashing coat perfectly!

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Canadian Kennel Club Registered

Diamond has a soft gray coat, beautiful tail curl and a lovely black mask. She is our guarding angel as she had a very protective personality. She loves, kisses and adores her family to pieces but does not care for strangers.

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