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Nice Style Iz Donskoy Liberi

Canadian Kennel Club registered Sire with a top of the line Pedigree

Nice Style is adorable teddy bear faced Pomeranian. He's a little more shy and reserved, but his adorable little self already holds an extra special place in our hearts. His handsome looks and soft white fur are a hit with everyone he meets!! We are so excited and grateful for the gorgeous light colored and teddy bear faced little babies he brings into our kennel!


Lucky of Felix Amicas Kennel

Canadian Kennel Club registered Sire with a top of the line Pedigree - previously registered with the Ukrainian Kennel Club

Lucky is also an adorable teddy bear faced Pomeranian. He's brand new to our family and his spicy personality and smart little self have brought a lot of joy and excitement to our family! His handsome markings and soft white fur are absolutely stunning! We are so excited and grateful for the beautiful, cheery little bundles of fur he brings into our kennel!

Omega Star.jpg

Omega Star

Canadian Kennel Club registered - female

From the minute we met her, Star has completely captivated us. Her big eyes and sunny personality are an unbeatable combination and she definitely adds zest to our Pom family :) She has an adorable teddy bear face and fur that would make you want to cuddle all day!



Canadian Kennel Club registered - female

Odeliya is one of our most stunning little Poms! She is very active and we love watching her dance around with her flowing white tail and soft fur. She has a darling personality and gorgeous coat making us absolutely proud to have her as part of our family! ​​



Canadian Kennel Club Registered - female

What a fluffy ball of pure whiteness! Michelle is our only pure white Pomeranian. She has very soft flowing fur and a delightfully cheeky personality! She loves people and is a very friendly little lady!



Canadian Kennel Club Registered - female

It seems like Yuki absolutely loves everyone! She is very smart an happy-go-lucky! Her weight is 7.4 lbs and she is a cream colored Pomeranian with beautiful splashes of white! She is always looking for ways to please her favorite people!



Canadian Kennel Club Registered - female

Yuna has a gorgeous light colored coat with lots of white markings. She is absolutely full of energy, and totally loves attention! She is really the cheeriest little ball of excitement!



Canadian Kennel Club Registered - female

We love all our animals at Felix Amicas Kennel, but Valerie is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. She has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her good looks perfectly. She loves to please and is so enjoyable and easy to work with because of this!

Image by Lizzie

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